Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve written, and I have to say I’m honestly a bit nervous! However, it is the timely encouragement in this revelation that is inspiring this post. During this momentary season of darkness in our world, (and believe me it IS momentary) I have realized there is ONE thing we need to be praying and interceding for concerning our individual and collective journeys as children of God.

As we move forward, we need to ask God for VISION. Yep! That’s right VISION. You see, there are SO many questions lurking in every corner of our minds. What’s next? How will we recover from this? Who is going to be our next president? How will I recover from this? I obviously can’t name them all, but you (the reader) know exactly what those questions are and how heavy they’re weighing on your faith. And I need you to understand that happiness ISNT GOING TO CUT IT AT THIS POINT… You’re going to need WAY more than a mere pick-me-up to get through this one. YOU…  NEED… VISION… But, what IS VISION? And why do you need it? Well, there are SOOO many different definitions and meanings, but I want to mention a definition of vision that is new and fresh TO ME! If you remember ANYTHING from this conversation, remember this! Vision is your ability to see God’s ordered steps in the midst of your plans and the chaos of life! 

The word of God says, that a man plans his way, but the LORD ORDERS HIS STEPS! What does that mean? That means that there are REALLY TWO SONGS that we are dancing to on life’s stage! Our song, and the Song of The Lord! Our song has the typical structure of a song.. nothing super surprising to God, because he placed the music and lyrics in our hearts. He knows exactly what we’re planning to do with the song, and HOW we want to perform it. But then, something changes in the midst of it all! Something catches us off guard. There is a NEW melody that arises and NEW Lyrics that begin to sing and swing their way into your PLANNED MOMENT. They seem a bit far from the chorus of our song, but these lyrics are enhanced, they’re revelatory, and greater than what you planned. It is at this point that you realize, this is the Song of the Lord! The ORDERED steps of the LORD. Friends, I’ve been in many-a worship services where this has happened, and honestly there is no better comparison to life’s surprising moments than this.

And only someone who has been trained to SEE that moments like these are the ordered steps of the Lord, can truly value these moments of stepping away from the plan and running with VISION! Vision is powerful, vision is needed! VISION IS THE PROPHETIC ANSWER. And we need to ask God for that. As you’re reading this, I want you to repeat this prayer out loud.

“Holy Spirit, I cant see right now, this moment is completely chaotic and it seems that all of my plans have failed. But EVEN IN THIS CHAOS, I KNOW YOU HAVE ORDERED STEPS FOR ME! Give me vision, give me eyes to see! I submit my ways and my plans to you lord, in Jesus name, AMEN🙏🏽. “

How do you feel? Do you still feel like you’re headed into a battle with an enemy that is too large for you? Has the roar of the Goliath challenged your faith? Are you intimidated by the battle ahead? So we’re the Israelites on many occasions. But there were also many occasions where the Lord showed them the victory before he Gave them the victory! And this is what God wants you to experience.

He may not give you the exact details or an explanatory visual of HOW this is going to work out.  But something comes alive in the heart of one who has been given Vision. They may be looking at a the same situation as another person, but their heart is at peace because they know that their steps have been ordered. One person without vision will look at a destroyed building and see the end of a great era. But the person with vision can see the beginning of a new one.  And still function during the moments in-between.  The may function in the stillness of waiting and trusting, or they may function in faith-filled forward motion. But they are functioning.

It is VISION that has allowed the church to continue  functioning and touching thousands of lives even in the midst of a pandemic. The building may be closed, but the arms of the church are WIDE open. We are STILL functioning because although we planned our way, THESE ARE OUR ORDERED STEPS during this moment in time. We have VISION for this moment.

Can I ask you a question? What have you been trying to face in life without vision from the Holy Spirit. What have you been trying to face without divine revelation? I’m even seeing different situations and moments that I have been handling and trying to tackle without vision from the Holy Spirit. How about we take this journey together. How about we course-correct as a group. How about we stop just asking God to fix the chaos, and begin asking him for VISION .

Holy spirit, what are you saying during this moment, what’s are you doing? I want to be apart, and I want to be aligned. Give me eyes to see. Give me vision.